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Analyzing & Managing High-cycle Fatigue

Agilis c360® Vibration Intelligence Software delivers detailed insight at every turn of every blade in prototype to production turbine engines. This non-intrusive approach enables more holistic analysis for optimum engine design, performance and health.

The world's leading manufacturers trust Agilis Measurement Systems to analyze and manage high-cycle fatigue in rotating turbo-machinery. Fast, accurate blade vibration testing helps prevent catastrophic failures. Our software also enables you to save time and resources by running the engine of your business faster, safer and longer.

A More Complete Picture

experts in blade vibration measurement and analysis

Our configurable, information-rich interface gives users a virtual dashboard for real time and off line analysis as well as long-term blade health monitoring.

c360 Overview Video

c360 software for blade tip timing

Watch & Learn

c360 is delivering detailed insight at every turn of every blade.

Real-world Experience & Expert Services

Agilis c360 Software and measurement probes have been proven in a wide array of demanding applications including gas and steam turbines, turbo-pumps and turbo-chargers.

This extensive experience in real-world testing gives you the assurance that we'll uncover blade dynamics that affect engine performance and health.

We offer a wide-range of services based on our deep expertise including:

  • Instrumentation Support
  • Hardware Mgt. & Procurement
  • Instrumented Assembly
  • Probe & Instrumentation Eng.
  • Data Analysis & Consulting
  • Vibration Measurement & Analysis

Expertise in Every Line of Code

Agilis c360 Software was developed from the ground up by our team of industry-leading experts in blade vibration analysis. We have a wealth of turbo-machinery experience across a range of industries and we're dedicated to improving the performance of the engines that drive your business success.

By accurately measuring the synchronous and non-synchronous response characteristics of each rotating blade, c360 delivers in-depth arrival time analysis—from detecting crack initiation and growth to observing flutter, stall and high-blade amplitude deflections.

Non-intrusive Method

Agilis technology thrives where unerring performance and uninterrupted runtime are mandatory. Our advanced probes mount on the engine casing enabling extremely accurate and reliable vibration measurement of every blade—even in space-constrained and volatile environments.

The Future of Engine Health

Agilis c360 Health is blade health monitoring software that enables operators to run and maintain their turbo-machinery longer, faster and at less cost than ever before. It alerts users to static and dynamic vibratory conditions on compressor and turbine blade stages.

The software operates independently of user interaction by simplifying blade stage health to a green, yellow or red operating condition. The system's automatic monitoring and notification capability ensures the safe, long-term health of your rotating production equipment.

blade health monitoring for turbine engines

c360 Health (Blade Stage Health)

engine health monitoring for fleet optimization

c360 Health (Static Analysis)

Streaming Real Time Blade Data

Agilis c360 Real Time measures blade position and timing during engine testing for immediate results analysis. Vibration information is instantly captured on the test stand so blade characteristics can be monitored and analyzed in real time. The software provides a stream of real time data for each rotating blade so you can see crack initiation, growth and blade resonances earlier in the design process.

real-time blade data on a Campbell Diagram

c360 Real Time (Campbell Diagram)

Off Line Data Drives Deeper Insight

Agilis c360 Off Line records vibration data during testing for a more comprehensive post test analysis of every blade. This detailed vibration intelligence enables you to better validate and verify engine performance against design criteria. The software facilitates fast, efficient processing of post-test data for deeper insight into key blade parameters such as frequency, flutter and stall, amplitude, damping and deflection.

blade deflections showing all of the blades for a selected probe

c360 Off Line (Primary Blade Waterfall)

DataLens Technology

Making Big Data Better

Agilis DataLens Technology brings blade dynamics into focus by filtering the vast amount of post-test vibration data generated by c360 Off Line software. This drives deeper understanding of blade vibration characteristics and trends, enabling users to more accurately identify the root cause of failures and enhance design methodology.

Actionable Blade Intelligence
DataLens for Off Line presents the most vital engine vibration information in a more user-friendly way to produce actionable blade intelligence.

Customizable, Intuitive Screens
Users can move beyond basic displays and reports by overlaying blade patterns and related instrumentation data on customizable, intuitive screens. This enhances decisionmaking across engine development organizations, allowing any user to better leverage the big data generated by the Off Line software.

DataLens Technology NSMS Video

View Training Video - See how DataLens captures critical blade vibration data in a more user-friendly way to enable better decision-making.

Shaft Vibration Measurement

Agilis c360 Torque Software alerts users when turbo-machinery is running at non-optimal, high-stress conditions through reliable measurement of turbine shaft vibration. By accurately identifying torsional vibration in rotating equipment, c360 Torque helps customers reduce bearing wear, gear tooth failures, shrink fit slippage and broken shafts.